About us

After 20 years in the food industry, I left my job in the event planning and catering industry to open a roadhouse style BBQ restaurant in a restored two bay garage in my neighborhood of Manayunk-Roxborough. With an emphasis on authentic, American BBQ cooked in old fashioned iron barrel pits that I helped design and build, the business took off. By 2012, my wife Jackie was able to leave her job in the event planning industry and devote herself full time.

Ten years, three stores and two food trucks later, our mission remains the same - to deliver authentic BBQ in a friendly, casual, rustic atmosphere. The collard greens, the pickles, the ribs and chicken, the pork and brisket, the dry rub, the hardwood cooking - it hasn't changed. We hope to bring some lip-smacking goodness to you soon.

What Sauce Do You Use? I have three sauces: Deke's 'Straight-Up Q Sauce,' which resembles a tangy Kansas City style sauce; the 'Carolina Red,' described above; and my 'Triple X' sauce, which is spicier. All are made from scratch and all start with ripe tomatoes, local when possible.

What Kind Of Wood Do You Use? Barbeque is best cooked over hard wood coals, not directly over a flame. Charcoal is good, but wood is better. I use what grows here in PA: oak, ash, and maple, as well as some fruitwoods like peach, cherry, apple and one more fruit wood, which I keep secret.

Where's The Beef? Georgia sits in the middle of all of the classic barbeque regions, so you see all the cuts and all the sauces there: the pulled pork and vinegar sauces from the Carolinas; Alabama's barbeque chicken with white sauce; ribs with the sweet and tangy tomato based sauces of Kansas City and St. Louis; and the famous dry rib rubs of Memphis. Georgia has it all, but they prefer pork over beef.

Deke's Serves The Best Slow Cooked Bar-B-Que At Great Prices In A unique and friendly Environment