Deke’s Bourdon story | complete drink menu


Named after Baker Beam, grand nephew of Jim Beam. Seven years old and hand bottled at 107 proof. Silky, smooth and intense. Full bodied. Classic small batch bourbon.

Basil Hayden’s

Over 200 year old recipe dating to Mr. Hayden himself. Hayden used more rye in his secondary mash than other distillers were accustomed to. Truly fine and unique. A consistent favorite.

Blanton’s Single Barrel

From the legendary Buffalo Trace distillery in Frankford, KY. Named in honor of Albert Blanton, who began working at the Trace at 16. Master Distiller by his 20’s, and President soon thereafter. Blanton devoted his entire life to bourbon making. The finest in corn whiskey past and present.


7th generation Beam patriarch Booker Noe’s signature blend. Originally stilled in 1988 for family and friends as a holiday gift. Bottled straight from barrel, uncut and unfiltered at 127 proof (!). Rare, fine, spectacular.

Four Rose’s

Many legends surround this classic bourbon. Recently acquired from Seagram’s and back to its bourbon roots, small batches limited to 1,442 bottles were originally released. Bourbon at its finest.

Knob Creek

Named after Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home in KY. Embodies look, feel and taste of pre-prohibition bourbon. Extra aged for sweeter liquor and bottled at an “honest” 100 proof. Perfect for bourbon virgins. Great whiskey.

Maker’s 46

The uniquely original Maker’s Mark elevated to new levels by specially  chosen and charred oak “staves” used to line original Maker’s Mark barrels.  What couldn’t be better now is.


Deke’s fave. Dates to 1753 east central PA as a rye blend. Drunk at Valley Forge. Embodies all that is American Whiskey in its original form. Orange hue, floral notes, woodsy finish. Superb whiskey.

Woodford Reserve

Official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby. Maybe more responsible for bourbon renaissance than any other bourbon on the market. Distilled at one of the original nine stills still operating in KY. Distinct flavors of vanilla, marzipan and citrus make for uniquely flavored whiskey.